Simon Anthony


Assistant Professor

Phone: 212.342.9051
Fax: 212.342.9044

  • University of Wales, Bangor, United Kingdon, B.Sc. Zoology, 2001
  • University of Oxford/Institute for Animal Health, Pirbright, United Kingdom, D.Phil, Molecular Virology, 2007


My research focuses on infectious and emerging pathogens that threaten the conservation of endangered species in both wild and captive populations.   It focuses on the characterisation of known viral, bacterial and protozoal pathogens, and the discovery of novel agents in wildlife.  My work aims to elucidate mechanisms of pathogen evolution in wildlife reservoirs and understand the processes by which they emerge as disease causing agents in new hosts (including humans). 

Current projects include 1) virus discovery in wildlife from global hotspots of emerging disease, 2) investigating the impact of disease on the decline of the endangered thick-billed parrot in the Sierra Madres of northern Mexico, 3) characterisation of cetacean retroviruses, and IV) disease investigations of marine mammals 

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